November 23, 2015

Newbie Post

      This post begins my journey as a teacher blogger and TpT seller. Do I have any followers right now? No. Does anyone know who I am outside of Middle Tennessee? No, but that's all a part of getting started. I absolutely love designing websites and PowerPoint pages. I could spend hours a day doing it and not feel a bit of dissatisfaction. For this reason, I'd say this journey of mine is pretty risk free. :) Sure, I've spent a few bucks on backgrounds, fonts, and clip art. However, they've provided me with the materials I need to have fun creating. Plus, if I didn't spend my money on those things, it would most certainly go towards new clothes or home decor. 

     Last night I chose to skip Sunday night football *gasp!* and create my first TpT product. I knew that my students would be wrapping up  verb tenses when we return from Thanksgiving Break, so I decided to make my first product something I would actually use. Who knew? I had a blast decorating each page and coming up with Christmas themed sentences for practice. I can't wait to use it in my own room.

     I was exhilarated when it came time to post my first final product. I researched tirelessly on what I should charge for my hard work, and had finally decided upon a price. Little did newbie me know, your first product has to be free. Whoops! I am working from my home laptop, which has none of my documents and self-made activities from school. The only thing I had was a "Missing Homework Form" I made last summer. Desperate to get my first product up, I went with the form. I prettied it up of course. ;) In the end, I was able to post my first product! Whoop whoop! 

    Now begins the real journey... marketing myself. While I hate feeling like I'm boasting about myself, I am excited to at least make some new friends and find some great resources along the way. 

Happy Teaching! :)