November 27, 2016

Cybersale Linky Party!

It's finally that time of year again! Christmas cheer is everywhere, and so are the SALES! :) I've never been a huge proponent of Black Friday sales, but I decided to give it all a try this year. I dragged my husband to our local Kohl's and Target. Although I had to wait in line for an hour to check out, I got almost ALL of my Christmas shopping done in one night. AND I saved hundreds of dollars from the sales. I came to realize also that Black Friday in the south is nothing like you see on the news. Everyone was extremely kind and nonchalant about the shopping experience. Go southerners! :P

All of this to say that this is the reason why I heart TeachersPayTeachers. Long before I became a seller, I was scouring the website for resources. I even taught a four year old to read using all TeachersPayTeachers resources in college. It is amazing how many creative, convenient, and fun resources that teachers themselves can come up with.

This year I'm joining in on a Linky Party for the Cybersale! So after you check out everything below, be sure to go here and look at all of the other amazing resources that these wonderful sellers have to offer!

To help you out with your TPT holiday shopping, I'm going to show you my top 3 wish-listed items. :)

Not only is this my top wish-listed item, but it is also my top purchased item!  As a third grade social studies teacher, we have VERY few resources to use. Zero of those resources include assessments, so i'm often left to my own devices on that one. Thus, I've created this Three Branches of Government study guide and differentiated quizzes. 

Although we take notes in class, I like to send home another copy of the information for students to study. This study guide is easy to read due to the graphic organizer its in. I also added pictures to help those visual/picture learners easily remember them. 

My kiddos love using note-cards to help them study, so I included a cut, sort, and glue activity that can be transferred onto notecards. I usually give them 5-10 minutes at the start of each class just to review their notes with a partner. I have many students that don't have the support at home to study or complete homework, so I find that this little amount of time helps them keep up. 

Next up is my New Year's Goal Setting with Themes Unit. Theme is a difficult concept for grasp for most of my kiddos every year, so I find that we are constantly reviewing it. 

The past two years I have been implementing Morning Meeting in my classroom. I am amazed at how tight knit my kiddos are and how much they have grown socially and emotionally for our daily meetings. For this reason, I have tied in goal setting with our theme unit. Each time we read a book and discover a theme, we use that theme to think about ourselves as people, friends, classmates, family members, and citizens. The discussions we have about how we can continually improve ourselves as people just by reading about a character in a book are so rich and wonderful! 

I have to say that this is my favorite resource to use in my classroom that I have created. And like the feedback above says, I typically use it all year long! 

Last but not least, my Grammar & Vocabulary Daily Practice Bundle. With all of the time spent on reading and social studies, I feel that grammar and vocabulary gets shoved to the side in terms of practicing the skills. 

These worksheets are a quick and easy way to review previously taught grammar and vocabulary skills. I typically use them as a warm-up, and then check the work as a class. Then, when I collect the papers at the end of the week, I have a great idea of who needs extra practice. 

I hope you find these products useful and helpful in your classroom! If you can't find what you're looking for, remember to head on over to Linky Party and check out all of the other fantastic TPT sellers! 

Happy Savings & Happy Teaching! :)